Agents of the Storm

Don't Mess with the Zohan

Rhaan 20 998YK night, Marquan’s Room for Let, Lower central plaza, Sharn

The SkyCouch drops the party near an hotel in the lower central plaza and take-off – just to crush down on the party after ‘take-off’.

Thormark and Thron’s investigations (Arcane&Thievery) into the reasons for the SkyCouch crash did not reveal the cause.

The “Marquan’s Room for Let” hotel is conveniently located near a Speakers Guild message station (House Sivis).

The hotel doorman and security is a Warforged named Break – which according to the reception-boy was fired by the owner(-Marquan) two weeks ago, yet still hang around doing his job.

The elevator in the hotel is not working, the party gets a luxurious room on the 2nd floor which include a common/dining-room, two bedrooms a bathroom and a balcony.

The water in the bath fill-up magically. Thron finds a ‘trap’ at the balcony – which causes a feather-fall effect to be trigger on anyone drooping-off the balcony.

During the night: Rain and Thormark hear chorus singing coming from somewhere in the upper floors.

Thorn lay alarm traps in some of the doors and windows. Thormark stays awake during the next 8hours and learns the cure disease ritual.

During the night Severin suffers the full of effect of the disease which he contracted in the Twilight forest and dies.

After learning the ritual Thormark enters Thron and Severin room to find an intruder stealing their bags and running into the wall.

A search of the wall discovers its a double wall. Rain and Thorn climb up the dark featureless wall after the intruder, while Thormark goes down to talk to he reception-boy.

Rain discovers that for some reason there is no gravity in the double-wall area, it leads through a hole in a wooden floor (which somewhat broken) and covered with a bird-eye painting of Sharn. the high ceiling glows with light and painted with a blue skies. some wooden-platform which seem to be used for theater are stored here.

The wooden floor ends after 100feet just short of a wall contain 3 huge glass windows which start somewhere below the floor level and ends somewhere above the ceiling.

On the north side of this huge hall is a stage, the curtains are closed and there seem to be some light coming from behind the curtains. a gnome is setting on the stage in a pile of gliterdust(residuum) along with a goblin and the PC’s two bags.

A chorus lead by a tall humanoid (Goliath female) stands around the stage.

Rain uses the low-gravity effects to jump forward but lands hard on the floor as she discovers the effect abruptly ends near the stage.

The chorus, gnome and goblin notice her and the curtain on the stage opens up: behind it sits a tall (9feet) beautiful humanoid which seem to radiate with inner light, his back got stabs where it seem his wings have been thrown-off.

Thorn uses the distraction to sneak and grab the bags, and he and Rain manage to escape back into the hall and down into the hotel room.

Shortly after a Golaith female (with divine powers), a Goblin with nasty battle axe skills and a magic user Gnome burst into the room.

In the battle the party manage to kill the followers of the Zohan – the God of the Arts (which seem to reside in one of the above floor).



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