Agents of the Storm

From Daask till Dawn

Rhaan 20, 998YK midday , Arriving to Sharn, Central Plateau, Lyrandar Tower.

The party meets Lerod d’Lyrandar hes on his way with Chandi to the Dragon Towers (where most of the Dragonmaks offices in Sharn are housed). Lerod mention that Chandi is departing soon and he invites the party to party with him in an exclusive night club called: Glitterdust (on the night of the 21 of Rhaan). The party travels down a level to get a Skycouch at the Silverstreak rental company. But discovers that Stealgur wander off in the crowd.

While searching for him they visit the Hall of Steel and Clouds a mercenary enclave run by capt. Larinard and specialize in aerial combat.

Also they pass an establishment called Fantasy Unlimited which offers fulfillment of fantasies for 150g an hour.

Examaned in the Jorasco enclave, they are informed that Severain and Thorn have contracted a disease. but the party decide the Jorasco heal price is too steep and go in search of a cure-disease ritual scroll.

They arrive at the Clifftop an adventurer’s quarter in upper Dura, eat at the “Clifftop Adventurers Guild” (its founder Shekkal Korranor painting strike a resemblance to Thormark), they will need five members recommendation to become members.

Walking over a bridge north toward the dwarven neighborhood of Highhold (in search of a weaponsmith) the party finds a body of man crushed below a piano, shortly after a Warforged body crush on the bridge near them. - a Portal Drake fly over the bridge, there is a mirror image illusion applied to it.

After killing the Drake, the party finds a bracelet attached to its lag: “property of prof. Rene Belloq”.

Traveling back, an elevator suddenly stops working, sending the party down an elevator shaft. the shaft has two locked doors – one leads to a small utility balcony the other to a restaurant kitchen.

Three halfling gangsters are torturing a Gnoll named Rajjak – for allegedly trying to collect protection in their neighborhood. In the combat that follows the party kills the halfling and release Rajjak – which now owes a favor to the party.

Rajjak gives them a contact place to reach him – a tavern named Shamukaar in Khyber’s Gate (Cogs).

After buying a cure disease ritual from Kestia (an old elf woman) in a magic shop called the “Augury” in Clifftop the party takes a SkyCouch to lower central plateau to an inn called “Boldrei’s Hearth” to get some rest.

Portal Drake:



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