Agents of the Storm

No War - No Warforged

Rhaan 23 998YK, Sharn

Attending the underground auction in the previous night revealed that the Xen’drik Orb (of the Sequestered Glacier) was acquired from a group of Sahuagin on the waterfront.

Making their way down the streets of lower Dura, the PCs clash with a group of raging Cog workers in an anti-warforged protest as they try to lynch Stealgur.

Later that day in the Grayflood district while dining in the “Blue Oyster” (a ship like restaurant built into the cliff side) they witness an attack by a Medusa and her Cockatrice that turned three halfings into stone (later to be identified as members of the Boromar clan).

Finally the party locates the Sahuagin group in Sharn’s welcome, which agree to take the party to the ship (for a fee).

While the fighting in the Graywall mountains between Breland forces and Droaam (which started last week) seem to subside, new violence steers in Sharn as clashes between the Boromar clan and the Daask escalates.



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