Agents of the Storm

Taer Valaestas

Taer Valaestas

Vult 4 998YK, arriving in Griffionclaw

Vult 8 998YK arriving in Taer Valaestas via teleport to House Orien circle.

Vult 11 998YK Keth

Vult 16 998YK, encounter with trolls near Moonstair

Vult 20 998YK, (four days memory lose) Moonstair

Vult 21 998YK, Killing the troll king (2nd time)

Vult 22 998YK, Dhakaani ruin


Stealgur Journal, Rhaan 24 998 YK. Fallen district:

Blink Dog carcass in alley this morning. Carriage tread on burst stomach. Not native to Sharn, suspect halflings, always the halflings. This city suffers a -2 penalty on fear saves against me and I am immune to its gaze attacks.

Ever since the Treaty of Thronehold banned adventurers as the cause of and solution to all of life’s problems, I have been here.

The skybridges are extended gutters draining thirty stories killing us all. If vermin were still a monster type, they’d drown The accumulated filth of all their sex and murder will foam up, and the **s and politicians and politicians who are changeling *s, and the halfling politicians who run the **s will shout, save us, and I’ll whisper, no…then I might have to speak up.

Cold rage circle closer to the lost souls.
The faceless light where darkness manifest joins the bane of giants
and the mender to cure the beast of storms while watched by a thousand eyes.
No War - No Warforged

Rhaan 23 998YK, Sharn

Attending the underground auction in the previous night revealed that the Xen’drik Orb (of the Sequestered Glacier) was acquired from a group of Sahuagin on the waterfront.

Making their way down the streets of lower Dura, the PCs clash with a group of raging Cog workers in an anti-warforged protest as they try to lynch Stealgur.

Later that day in the Grayflood district while dining in the “Blue Oyster” (a ship like restaurant built into the cliff side) they witness an attack by a Medusa and her Cockatrice that turned three halfings into stone (later to be identified as members of the Boromar clan).

Finally the party locates the Sahuagin group in Sharn’s welcome, which agree to take the party to the ship (for a fee).

While the fighting in the Graywall mountains between Breland forces and Droaam (which started last week) seem to subside, new violence steers in Sharn as clashes between the Boromar clan and the Daask escalates.

Don't Mess with the Zohan

Rhaan 20 998YK night, Marquan’s Room for Let, Lower central plaza, Sharn

The SkyCouch drops the party near an hotel in the lower central plaza and take-off – just to crush down on the party after ‘take-off’.

Thormark and Thron’s investigations (Arcane&Thievery) into the reasons for the SkyCouch crash did not reveal the cause.

The “Marquan’s Room for Let” hotel is conveniently located near a Speakers Guild message station (House Sivis).

The hotel doorman and security is a Warforged named Break – which according to the reception-boy was fired by the owner(-Marquan) two weeks ago, yet still hang around doing his job.

The elevator in the hotel is not working, the party gets a luxurious room on the 2nd floor which include a common/dining-room, two bedrooms a bathroom and a balcony.

The water in the bath fill-up magically. Thron finds a ‘trap’ at the balcony – which causes a feather-fall effect to be trigger on anyone drooping-off the balcony.

During the night: Rain and Thormark hear chorus singing coming from somewhere in the upper floors.

Thorn lay alarm traps in some of the doors and windows. Thormark stays awake during the next 8hours and learns the cure disease ritual.

During the night Severin suffers the full of effect of the disease which he contracted in the Twilight forest and dies.

After learning the ritual Thormark enters Thron and Severin room to find an intruder stealing their bags and running into the wall.

A search of the wall discovers its a double wall. Rain and Thorn climb up the dark featureless wall after the intruder, while Thormark goes down to talk to he reception-boy.

Rain discovers that for some reason there is no gravity in the double-wall area, it leads through a hole in a wooden floor (which somewhat broken) and covered with a bird-eye painting of Sharn. the high ceiling glows with light and painted with a blue skies. some wooden-platform which seem to be used for theater are stored here.

The wooden floor ends after 100feet just short of a wall contain 3 huge glass windows which start somewhere below the floor level and ends somewhere above the ceiling.

On the north side of this huge hall is a stage, the curtains are closed and there seem to be some light coming from behind the curtains. a gnome is setting on the stage in a pile of gliterdust(residuum) along with a goblin and the PC’s two bags.

A chorus lead by a tall humanoid (Goliath female) stands around the stage.

Rain uses the low-gravity effects to jump forward but lands hard on the floor as she discovers the effect abruptly ends near the stage.

The chorus, gnome and goblin notice her and the curtain on the stage opens up: behind it sits a tall (9feet) beautiful humanoid which seem to radiate with inner light, his back got stabs where it seem his wings have been thrown-off.

Thorn uses the distraction to sneak and grab the bags, and he and Rain manage to escape back into the hall and down into the hotel room.

Shortly after a Golaith female (with divine powers), a Goblin with nasty battle axe skills and a magic user Gnome burst into the room.

In the battle the party manage to kill the followers of the Zohan – the God of the Arts (which seem to reside in one of the above floor).

Rain and the city

“Dear dairy, Today smell-like-beer said something about teaching me about “Money”, but Smell-like-brimstone shushed him. I think they mean the shiny-metal-disks-with-pictures, as I noticed they trade those for food (as I’m not sure they can even hunt for food, although many-faces seem to have the skills for it). Obviously it’s very important as smell-like-brimstone keep trying to find wood-and-metal-man regarding Money. Or it might be connected to some mating ritual – although I was sure he prefer smell-like-beer, but I might be mistaken – will have to observe and learn, them city folks are sure funny.”

From Daask till Dawn

Rhaan 20, 998YK midday , Arriving to Sharn, Central Plateau, Lyrandar Tower.

The party meets Lerod d’Lyrandar hes on his way with Chandi to the Dragon Towers (where most of the Dragonmaks offices in Sharn are housed). Lerod mention that Chandi is departing soon and he invites the party to party with him in an exclusive night club called: Glitterdust (on the night of the 21 of Rhaan). The party travels down a level to get a Skycouch at the Silverstreak rental company. But discovers that Stealgur wander off in the crowd.

While searching for him they visit the Hall of Steel and Clouds a mercenary enclave run by capt. Larinard and specialize in aerial combat.

Also they pass an establishment called Fantasy Unlimited which offers fulfillment of fantasies for 150g an hour.

Examaned in the Jorasco enclave, they are informed that Severain and Thorn have contracted a disease. but the party decide the Jorasco heal price is too steep and go in search of a cure-disease ritual scroll.

They arrive at the Clifftop an adventurer’s quarter in upper Dura, eat at the “Clifftop Adventurers Guild” (its founder Shekkal Korranor painting strike a resemblance to Thormark), they will need five members recommendation to become members.

Walking over a bridge north toward the dwarven neighborhood of Highhold (in search of a weaponsmith) the party finds a body of man crushed below a piano, shortly after a Warforged body crush on the bridge near them. - a Portal Drake fly over the bridge, there is a mirror image illusion applied to it.

After killing the Drake, the party finds a bracelet attached to its lag: “property of prof. Rene Belloq”.

Traveling back, an elevator suddenly stops working, sending the party down an elevator shaft. the shaft has two locked doors – one leads to a small utility balcony the other to a restaurant kitchen.

Three halfling gangsters are torturing a Gnoll named Rajjak – for allegedly trying to collect protection in their neighborhood. In the combat that follows the party kills the halfling and release Rajjak – which now owes a favor to the party.

Rajjak gives them a contact place to reach him – a tavern named Shamukaar in Khyber’s Gate (Cogs).

After buying a cure disease ritual from Kestia (an old elf woman) in a magic shop called the “Augury” in Clifftop the party takes a SkyCouch to lower central plateau to an inn called “Boldrei’s Hearth” to get some rest.

Portal Drake:

Sharn City Of Towers

Rhaan 20, 998YK morning, Arriving to Sharn, Central Plateau, Lyrandar Tower

Lyrandar Tower is one of the tallest structures in the city. It measures 2,000 feet in diameter at the bottom and 650 feet in diameter at the top. The top floor of the tower houses the airship docking port—one of the busiest centers of activity in Sharn.

The tower is the first sight that most visitors see upon arriving in the city, and it is often the only place visited by people here on business or just passing through


The Twilight Forest is a realm of raw unbounded nature. Untouched by civilization the realm is full of virgin forests, majestic mountains, rolling hills, steamy jungles, festering swamps, and all manner of terrain. Inhabited by all forms of plants, animals and magical beasts as well as a number of lycanthropes who have made a new life for themselves on the plane after fleeing Eberron during the time of the Silver Flame’s Purge.

Bulette Time

Rhaan 18, 998YK midday

The flowers blossom and the cloths spread across the river bank form the following words in the Draconic language:

One circle is done a longer one comes 
a light where there is dark joins the bane of giants 
manifestion of cold water and darkness follow 
the mender of storms 
when the towers sang their last song proclaiming the long winter.
Dhakaani Blimp

The Galifar Museum in Wroat, have acuired this new exhibet for its Dhakaani history wing – a Dhakaani Goblin Blimp, researches believe that the Blimp pre-date the modern day airship by 11,000 years.

It is estimated that the Museum payed 9000gp to acquire it.

Wroat’s city guard reports various disturbance in the capital with the arrival of a Talenta Plains delegation lead by chieftain Lobengula Halpum.


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