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In the year 90 Unity (which is 212 years before the establishment of the kingdom of Galifar aka -212YK) in an island named Kintam Rhlash which is part of the nation of Riedra in the continent of Sarlona. A group of soldiers from an elite corps called the Edgewalkers recite their oath:

“Sword against shadow. Faith against fear. I walk the edge of the world, and no horror shall pass my blade.”

They have been summoned to Kintam Rhlash by order of Lord Maurakhal (the local Inspired ruler). Their objective: investigate the lose of contact with a village to the north.

To help the Edgewalkers in their task they are given an ancient weapon which the Inspired salvaged from the continent of Xen’Drik where it presumably played a part in the Quori’s war with the Giants – the Warforged Stealgur. and a slave dwarven artificer named ‘Thormark’.

Stealgur is an empty vessel, his conciseness comes from a quori spirit which hides in a region of the plane of dreams (Dal Quor) called the Dreamspace.

In the Dreamspace the quori spirit (Stealgur) lives outside (linear) time. So when four adventurers fitting to his needs find his avatar (which in 998YK-Breland its in the form of a living plant), It seeds their mind and replace it with the Edgewalkers minds in hope that the experienced, well-skilled adventures will succeed where he knows the Edgewalkers failed.

The now very confused adventurers viewing the world through the edgewalkers bodies travel to the village in the north and find that the villagers have murdered each other. a few miles from the village shore they see an iceberg floating in the sea, later they are attacked by fiendish creatures, almost drawn by a Tsunami and attacked again by Slaad monsters.

A reality storm approaches the shores of Kintam Rhlash, the edgewalkers take cover in a Sahuagin cave where Stealgur identity is revealed to them. the adventurers tell Stealgur that they want no part in changing the future (their past) and he oblige and releases the mind seed.

The true edgewalkers (now back in their own bodies) along with their slave dwarf and warforged go on to engage the Heirs of Ohr Kaluun (which are kinda the Sarlona version of the Emerald Claw) which wish to melt the iceberg (which they freed from the Tashana Tundra ice-shelf a while back) by performing a ritual that will boil the sea water (performed in the Sahuagin’s Devourer temple) . One of the heirs is actually a Rakshasa a loyal minion to the overlord demon – “The Rage of War” which was bound to the Tashana Tundra iceshelf and it is the overlord’s release the Rakshsa seeks.

The Trident was a storm gallon class passenger liner owned by House Lyrandar and built at the Trolanport shipyard in Zilargo. she was the largest passenger elemental gallon in Khorvaire. driven by three huge elementals.

On the night of 1 Therndor 984YK, during the ship’s maiden voyage from Sharn to Stormreach ,Tirdent hit an iceberg and sank (or so goes the official story) The sinking resulted in the deaths of 1,500 people, making it one of the most deadly maritime disasters in history.

The true story is somewhat more complex: In 984YK the overlord demon “The Rage of War” is still trapped in his melting iceberg prison, and have been circling the Khorvaire continent for the last hundred years tho he is trapped his influence grow stronger inland overtime, he has caused the war in Khorvaire, but now the ocean’s currents takes the ice deeper into the open sea. His influence effects Trident’s elementals and the ship is thorn apart by their struggle.

On board the Trident that night where also a family of three: a Siberys marked half-elf her shifter husband and their young daughter – Rain. Using her power the Siberys marked half-elf ‘hitchhike’ her family with the elementals as the elementals return home to Lamania.

In the aftermath of the Trident disaster House Lyrandar started the “Gift division” and recruited to its ranks individuals with useful talents in dealing with elemental machinery : Thormark and later Chandi and Sevarin joined – they become the AAA Emergency Road Service team of house Lyrandar.

And so it begins…

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Eberron Date: 2-Zarantyr 999YK, Mid-Winter

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